The Metaphysics of Insect Life

"Your chapter on the 4 and 3 enriches my intuition with exquisite illustrations from the highest reaches of scholarship. All the chapters are quirky with eccentric surprises."
(Norman O. Brown)
"Always wide-ranging and effortlessly learned."
(Keith Carabine, President of the Conrad Society)

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Science and the Humanities
Science and the humanities
"In this volume, Spooner makes use of the most recent data from science to strike out in an interesting direction by returning to one of the great unresolved mysteries: how to fuse science and the great works of imagination without doing violence to one or the other of these great human enterprises."
Poetry and Entomology
A consideration of poets from Darío to Rueda and Lorca; Cernuda and Aleixandre to Valente.

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