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a mid-atlantic view of the forthcoming UK General E;ection

a mid-atlantic view of the forthcoming UK general election
March 30, 2010

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For the past decade, under the Labour government of Brown-Blair, there has been a chronic crisis of honesty in public life. Joust-ifications for the West taking its eye off Afghanistan and skedaddling into Iraq, gave rise to the master-grimoire of `spin` Alastair Campbell, who almost single-handedly intimidated and blunted the BBC`s critical news` faculties.

I pointed out in the Independent newspaper recently that `spinning` has infected all aspects of intellectual life, with the Climate Change `experts` based at the University of East Anglia salting and peppering the figures in conjunction with their Penn State counterparts. {as a lepidopteral recorder and conservationist, the problems and losses of butterfly species due to global warming and environmental degradation are entirely clear}.

I wrote last month: "The loss of honesty at the heart of this culture is near-terminal." So the election is as much about the culture as a whole as the economy. (Yes, Adam Smith has replaced Elgar on so-called British banknotes). The prevalence of ex-Stalinists in the high positions in the Labour Cabinet has led to Orwellian management of the minutiae of people`s everyday life. So `Health and Safety` is constantly invoked to obstruct everything from baking cakes for charity fetes, to leaving a woman to suffer and eventually die after she fell down an old mineshaft in Scotland, while the firemen and women stood and looked on for 6 hours, paralyzed by the State rules and threatening the job of their handler if they took action. Altruistic instincts in civil society have been severely damaged and in many cases destroyed by control-freaks on high.

Which brings us to Britain`s commander-in-chief, Gordon Brown. A son of the manse, he has brought Calvinism centre-stage. Yet Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, has pronounced the present political hierarchy the most corrupt in UK history - or as we might say, a fit successor to the "parcel o` rogues" who sold for gold (bawbees) Scottish independence over three centuries ago. We have had various postures of Brown - first as heir to the Red Clydesiders, blown away when he increased the tax level of the lowest paid. Then he pronounced himself a "Heathcliff" - clearly having never read Wuthering Heights since who but a paranoid would cast himself in that role? And then he presented himself to Parliament in a particularly entertaining moment as Jesus, or its contemporary equivalent, `world-saviour` - of the economy, that is. All this nonsense is the stuff of Student Union politics, and has led to the plundering of the nation`s resources in the name of unfulfilled schemes and promises.

It has recently been revealed that Tony Blair has been cutting deals with Iraqi oil interests for his own personal enrichment. The circle closes on the great folly of the last period - the invasion of Iraq - and closes out " a low dishonest decade." Read More 
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