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The serious political deceptions of Hillary Clinton

In my "Address to the Thoreau Society at Concord" included in my 2014 Book THEY STARED AT THE SUN, I drew the audience`s attention to the blatant coinage by Mrs. Clinton of the term "mis-speaking," which was used to cover a downright lie relating to her account of her visit to Bosnia.

She has now taken matters further by exhorting us to "empathize with America`s enemies." Here she was quite clearly referring to Isil.
As one of the Fox News studio presenters remarked in response to Clinton`s proposal :
How are you expected to achieve that when someone is in the process of hacking off your head with a machete? And we might add all in the name of the illiberal, not to say fascistic, Sharia and enforced conversion to Islam.

Nowhere is the degeneration of liberalism more apparent than in the statements of Hillary Rodham Clinton. As George Galloway suggested some while ago, the desperate search for a spine among Western diplomats and politicians has reached absolute crisis point.

And as Michael Sheridan splendidly arraigned the mandarins in the British Foreign Office in the Sunday Times (7th December 2014):
they completely capitulated with barely a murmur to the Chinese when China recently ripped up the UN treaty with Britain on the occasion of its retreat from Hong Kong.

The present leadership in the West, compounded by failures (own goals) in policy over the past decades, is dire and implausible.. Read More 
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