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2015: the year in which so many of the winged flowers disappeared

Farmers in Scotland have had to bring their cattle into their stalls months early because of the sodden fields. This has caused a financial crisis as the cows now require winter provender when they should be out in the fields, but worse than that they give the Feed Lots lobby ammunition for the promotion of non-pastoral mechanization.
The fact is that global warming has given rise to days of compacted cloud and waterlogged lands. The mean rise in temperatures has created a catastrophe.
Now as the summer has shown its face, the legacy of a non-spring is everywhere to be seen. Usually we would be seeing hundreds of colours in the gardens with the magnificent Peacock butterflies and Red Admirals, but there are hardly even White Butterflies. The fact is that their pupae were washed out during the months of preparation. Usually at this time of year (mid-August), I would be privileged to observe and record hundreds of Red Admirals, Painted Ladies and Peacocks from my study. This year none whatsoever.
Noah wanted no insects in the Ark, as he judged them too imperfect. Yet the Imago is the perfected insect in is final stage, what the Greeks interpreted as the wraith of the dead person`s unquiet soul, or eidelon. That magisterial philosopher of the Psyche, Erwin Rohde, drawing on the evidence from Homer put the matter like this:
According to the Homeric view, human exist twice over, once as an outward and visible shape, and again as an invisible image which only gains its freedom in death.
This is the Psyche.
So a year without identifiable Lepidoptera is a year with little significance. A loss is felt by everyone with a living consciousness, even if they are not fully aware of the emptiness. So 20015 will go down as blank, not only in general natural history, but in the spiritual accounts.
Fortunately the night flies, the Moths are leading a fight back!
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