almost identical phenotypes of 2 moths with the same hostplants

June 25, 2010

Tags: Campion & Lychnis Moths: same hostplants, almost identical phenotype

At this time of the year, I spend at least part of every day
recording lepidoptera.

Today I noticed a curious similarity between two Noctuidae Moths which have the same specific larval foodplants - Campion and Ragged-Robin. The Moths in question are the Campion (Hadena rivularis) and the Lychnis (Hadena bicruris). These both have a pair of shorn antlers in the same positions on their wings. The wings themselves are of near identical overall patterning.

It is no doubt a mere Carlylean curiosity of nature without genotypic significance, but for a displaced Thoreauvian observer propels the heart into the mouth!

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